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Watch Fullscript and MBODY360 come to life

Key features

Build your practice and brand: MBODY360 saves valuable time while creating better engagement and results, meaning more happy, healthy clients.
Better data for better results: Capture real-time data and monitor measurable outcomes for you and your clients.
Spend less time planning: MBODY360 is easy to set up and use, and the library of customizable plans helps you get more done in less time.
Utilize powerful tools: Streamline your practice with the ability to customize diet, supplements, exercise, sleep, and more for your clients.
Maintain connection: MBODY30 is a HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant platform that provides secure video and chat, letting you stay in touch between visits.

How to integrate your Fullscript and MBODY360 platforms

First, make sure you have both a Fullscript account and an MBODY360 account.

Sign up for Fullscript — it’s free.

Create a Fullscript account

Get started with MBODY360

Create an MBODY360 account

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Integration guide

Fullscript and Mbody360 integration step 1 setting

1. Settings

Click on the circular icon in the top right and select Settings from the drop-down menu.

Fullscript and Mbody360 integration step 2 integrate Fullscript

2. Integrate Fullscript

Find the Fullscript integration listing, and click the Integrate Fullscript button.

Fullscript and Mbody360 integration step 3 authorize account

3. Authorize account

You will be then prompted to sign up or sign in to a Fullscript account. Complete the process and click Agree to link the accounts.

Fullscript and Mbody360 integration step 4 save integration

4. Save integration

Once your Fullscript account has been successfully linked, the final step is to select the desired integration and click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Frequently asked questions

How much does MBODY360 cost?

MBODY360 has several plans ranging from $29.99/month to $249/month, depending on the number of practitioners and clients. For more details, please visit the MBODY360 pricing page.

What types of practitioners use MBODY360?

MBODY360 is primarily used by Chiropractors, Health Coaches, Licensed Acupuncturists, Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors, and Nurse Practitioners.

What kind of plans and resources does MBODY360 offer?

MBODY360 offers customizable plans including daily guidelines, detailed meal plans, recipes, FAQs, and shopping lists.

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