Embed our treatment plan tool with powerful component software

Gain a competitive advantage by offering:

Treatment planning

  • Robust tool for personalized plans
  • Custom patient instruction
  • Instant data sharing between platforms
  • Access to Fullscript patient history

Adherence support

  • Sync treatment plan data back to the patient record for reference
  • Supplement refill reminders from Fullscript
  • Report on patient orders

Evidence-based tools and education

  • Medically-reviewed protocol library
  • Provider-tested catalog experience
  • Ready-made patient handouts

Virtual supplement dispensing

  • Industry-leading catalog search
  • Fullscript-managed processing and support
  • Favorite products and categories

Explore our documentation

Check out our public docs with technical references and step-by-step building guides.

Integrate in days (not months) with Fullscript.js

Here’s how our JavaScript embeddable module makes building a breeze:

api fullscript treatment plan tool in an EHR platform

Modular API

Builds are fast. Simply embed the Fullscript treatment plan tool where it fits.

Seamless syncing

Paired with an event system so actions in the embeddable experience can be synced to your stack.

Low maintenance

Automatic access to new feature sets with updates to the latest component library.

Build with Fullscript.js in five simple steps


Access Fullscript Integrate

Use the comprehensive Fullscript API portal to access keys, support, documentation, and configuration.


OAuth build

Develop a safe, secure build that streamlines access for your providers.


Mount embeddable component

Embed the Fullscript treatment plan writing tool into your web application. Create a DOM element within which a feature can be embedded.


Event data back into your system

Get information back from the embeddable as it happens, to store in your app. Subscribe to webhooks to get even more data automatically sent to a specified URL within your system.


Beta test and launch

Our team understands how providers work. Lean on us for workflow mapping, technical support, demos, and even marketing support. When you're ready, request a review of your app. We'll run through it with you and help you move it into production.

Other Fullscript API integration options

Custom integration

For a deeper integration and control over the front-end experience. Work with our specialist to plan, test, and launch.

Fullscript redirect

Easy redirect to the treatment plan building experience by opening a new tab that maintains provider and patient context.

Single account integration

Option for CRM-type or marketing solutions that require syncing of up-to-date patient demographics.


Email the Fullscript Integrations team for more details.

Email us

Frequently asked questions

How does integrating with Fullscript impact my providers?

Providers using an integration send 30% more recommendations than their peers and also see a 13-16% increase in revenue, on average.

A Fullscript integration helps create efficient workflows and supports adherence by increasing visibility. Shared users will appreciate the streamlined experience, and you’ll attract new business to your platform.

What does an integration partnership look like? Is there a financial incentive?

In short, an integration partnership with Fullscript helps you:

  • Extend your reach
  • Expand your solution offerings
  • Add a new revenue stream for both you and your providers

We’re dedicated to creating win-win partnerships that bring tremendous value to you and your adopting providers. We’ll take the lead in crafting a go-to-market launch strategy leveraging our experienced digital marketing experts. Our experts will provide content for you to share with your providers that we also introduce to our extensive network.

How much does it cost my providers to sign up with Fullscript?

A Fullscript account is 100% free. There are no hidden fees, and we take care of all the tax reporting for your partners.

I want to integrate with your checkout system. Is this possible?

Unfortunately, no. With a different payment processor, we’d no longer be able to offer the same benefits to your providers.

Part of the benefit we bring is the option to earn revenue. We’re set up to seamlessly pay the provider their share and make reports available so they can report their earnings — all in the same system. We accept all major credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, HSA/FSA, and collect and remit sales tax. We also cover the transaction fees allowing us to pay provider accounts their total share.

How long does it take to build a Fullscript integration?

It depends on the developer(s), their skill, and time allocated to the project. That said, we’ve worked hard to provide several solutions within our API Documentation, including a light-lift embeddable solution, Fullscript.js. We’re always here to help and our Senior Implementation Specialist will work with you to discover the ideal solution and workflow. We will work with you to set goals in days, not weeks.

Build with support in our sandbox

Create an Integrate account to access the Fullscript API and support to start innovating.

Questions? Email api-support@fullscript.com.