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using the profit pyramid to create multiple streams of income for your health biz blog post
Using the Profit Pyramid to Create Multiple Streams of Income for Your Health Biz
Join Business Coach for Health Professionals Lesli Bitel as she teaches the Profit Pyramid model – complete with the financials – to show you how to create a stable and lucrative practice.
improve your marketing masterclass blog post
Improve Your Marketing Masterclass
If you own a private practice within any specialty area, there’s no way around it: your business needs an inflow of clients to sustain itself. Client acquisition starts with marketing, and a widely misunderstood and used piece is your website.

Upcoming webinars

ranking the underlying systems of influence: gut vs. hpa axis? blog post
Ranking the Underlying Systems of Influence: Gut vs. HPA Axis?
A new concept for systems of care will be introduced, called the "Connect-ome". With this approach, a discussion on advanced care and support for the management of chronic health issues and influencers (i.e., stress response, restorative sleep, cortisol balance, and neuro-endocrine responses) will address clinical approaches to balancing and improving health outcomes.

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advanced approaches to tackling fibroids blog post
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Advanced approaches to tackling fibroids
Join us for an educational webinar with Christine Garvin, MA, NE, RWP, who will discuss the prevalence of fibroids and advanced approaches to treatment. Fibroids impact up to 70% to 80% of women by the time they reach age 50. Despite these epidemic levels, fibroids are rarely discussed until a woman discovers she is suffering from them. Often, by that point, they are severely impacting the quality of life and must be removed surgically. Fibroids are not always well understood in allopathic or functional medicine, and it’s time for a larger focus on both causes and treatment options other than surgery.
genetics, glp-1 & grip strength: today’s trends for truly personalized nutrition blog post
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Genetics, GLP-1 & Grip Strength: Today’s Trends for Truly Personalized Nutrition
Join us for a powerful discussion of today’s better tools for uncovering unique human design, optimizing metabolic health, and supporting longevity - and learn how you can implement these without a greater burden on you and your practice.
taking action when patients have pain blog post
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Taking Action When Patients Have Pain
Pain being a very common complaint, has many underlying causes. While working with patients on the physical aspects of pain it can be extremely beneficial to support them with nutritional supplements that not only decrease the pain level but lower inflammation and speed up the healing process. Cindy Howard will cover key ingredients to support your patients experiencing pain.