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using the profit pyramid to create multiple streams of income for your health biz blog post
Using the Profit Pyramid to Create Multiple Streams of Income for Your Health Biz
Join Business Coach for Health Professionals Lesli Bitel as she teaches the Profit Pyramid model – complete with the financials – to show you how to create a stable and lucrative practice.
improve your marketing masterclass blog post
Improve Your Marketing Masterclass
If you own a private practice within any specialty area, there’s no way around it: your business needs an inflow of clients to sustain itself. Client acquisition starts with marketing, and a widely misunderstood and used piece is your website.

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stress, sleep, & sex: clinical influences on health blog post
Stress, Sleep, & Sex: Clinical Influences on Health
Up to 60% of all chronic diseases develop and often progress as a result of unresolved stress levels and lack of deep and resilient sleep. While several health conditions are affected, the most underappreciated impact has recently been identified on reproductive health. Due to their interconnectivity, these underlying systems can be clinically managed with specific nutritional support and comprise a critical core approach to patient care. Clinical nutrition therapeutic approaches have been shown to have significant impact on outcomes, and leveraging cotherapies can help facilitate the time-course of care.
overlooked nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle factors in mood support – the first step to improving mental health blog post
Overlooked nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle factors in mood support – the first step to improving mental health
Delve into the often-overlooked nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle factors that play a critical role in mental health. Discover how key nutrients can impact mood and learn practical strategies to identify and address these deficiencies. This presentation will provide healthcare professionals with valuable insights and tools to enhance their approach to mental health care.
the future of whole person care is within reach blog post
The future of whole person care is within reach
From growing patient expectations around personalization to juggling multiple tools, on top of the ongoing struggle to keep patients engaged, today’s providers face more pressure than ever. Fullscript is announcing some huge changes to help you deliver whole person care at scale and be a partner to your patients, as well as a provider.
streamlining provider-patient care with fullscript & oova blog post
Streamlining Provider-Patient Care with Fullscript & Oova
Oova, a precision health company, provides insights into patients' hormonal health, enabling clinicians to tailor care more effectively. Together with Fullscript's robust platform, this integration offers a powerful solution for enhancing provider-patient engagement.

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turning supplement sales into student loan forgiveness blog post
Turning Supplement Sales into Student Loan Forgiveness
Healthcare practitioners can start a nonprofit to expand access to care and qualify for the fastest tax-free form of student loan forgiveness. Nutrition and supplements are an important part of the healing process for many people and are rarely covered by insurance. Practitioners who use Fullscript to sell supplements can utilize that source of income along with a lower fee for healthcare services in their nonprofit so there's no need for fundraising.
optimizing heart health with nitric oxide: explore the dual pathways and nutrients needed for optimal nitric oxide production and bioavailability blog post
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Optimizing heart health with nitric oxide: Explore the dual pathways and nutrients needed for optimal nitric oxide production and bioavailability
Join Danielle Moyer Male, MS, CNS, LDN, as she discusses the role of nitric oxide (NO), a small but mighty compound named “Molecule of the Year” by Science in 1992. This webinar will explore NO’s essential role in promoting cardiovascular health and maintaining healthy blood pressure. Danielle will discuss the latest research and clinical applications of supporting optimal NO production through two key pathways and enhancing NO bioavailability through targeted nutritional support.
the glp-1-gut connection: hacking the popular satiety hormone through the microbiome with pendulum and fullscript  blog post
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The GLP-1-Gut connection: Hacking the popular satiety hormone through the microbiome with Pendulum and Fullscript 
Explore the microbiome's profound influence on GLP-1, an essential satiety hormone for weight management and metabolic health. Join Fullscript’s Chief Medical Officer, Jeff Gladd, MD, and Medical Director, Alex Keller, ND, as they discuss the latest evidence supporting the use of a synbiotic formulation to support GLP-1 optimization and food cravings with Pendulum’s Chief Executive Officer, Colleen Cutcliffe, PhD.