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Fullscript is reshaping healthcare by connecting healthcare professionals and patients in a simplified, personalized, and modern experience. That said, the Fullscript platform wouldn’t be the transformative force it is without its passionate people.

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of the United States’ $3.8 trillion in annual healthcare costs come from largely preventable chronic health and mental health conditions.*

*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

We believe there’s power in prevention

Preventative medicine emphasizes being proactive in health, not just reacting to symptoms. It enhances patient outcomes, lessens healthcare system burdens, and promotes whole person health through diet, exercise, stress management, and clinically effective supplements.

Fullscript makes preventative medicine simpler to practice for busy practitioners and easier to access for their patients.

Everyone wants a better experience

Patients are demanding innovative, personalized healthcare experiences. In response, forward-thinking healthcare professionals are searching for technology that helps them deliver superior care, while easing an overburdened workload.

That’s where Fullscript comes in.

This has never been just about supplements

Fullscript is on a journey to change healthcare as we know it. Learn more about where we’ve been to understand where we’re going.

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Fullscript is born

Setting up her own clinic, Alanna Dyment, ND, was in debt, wrestling with the hassle of managing her supplement dispensary. She told her husband, Brad Dyment, she wanted to spend less time on managing and more time treating. Starting with supplements, Brad and his partner, Kyle Braatz, decided there needed to be an easier way to practice whole person health. They partnered with Chris Wise, and soon thereafter, Fullscript was born.


Natural Partners merger

Beginning in 1995, Natural Partners grew from a regional supplement supplier with a few brands to a national player carrying hundreds of products, serving every US state. In 2018, Natural Partners and Fullscript realized that they shared the same vision. Merging to become Natural Partners Fullscript (NPFS), they joined to transform medicine with plans to unite their brands and platforms.


$25M in Series B funding

In 2019, Fullscript (then Natural Partners Fullscript) earned $25M in Series B Funding from Kayne Partners, the growth equity group of Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, L.P. With new funding came new growth — growth that has scaled and accelerated the platform to supporting practitioners at the point of care and beyond.


Platform expansion

Nearly two years of hard work came together when an improved version of Natural Partners’ wholesale ordering was added to the US version of the Fullscript platform. This new functionality gave practitioners access to a bigger catalog and the industry’s best product search. From this dedication to supporting practitioners, came the only supplement dispensing solution (still) to offer both wholesale ordering and online supplement planning on one platform.


$240M growth investment

On November 10, 2021, Fullscript announced a $240 million strategic growth investment from HGGC and Snapdragon Capital Partners. The partnership allowed Fullscript to build on its immense growth and continue to focus on empowering practitioners and supporting their patients with investments in people, technology, partnerships, and acquisitions.


Emerson Ecologics acquired

On March 17, 2022, Fullscript completed the acquisition of Emerson Ecologics, a long-standing player in the whole-person healthcare industry. The acquisition provided Fullscript with the scale and technology it needed to arm practitioners with the tools they need to practice whole-person health.

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Ashley Koff, RD

Ashley Koff, RD

Dr. Holly Lucille, ND

Dr. Holly Lucille, ND, RN

Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, ND

Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, ND

Dr. Bob Sheeler, MD

Dr. Bob Sheeler, MD

Dr. Cheng Ruan, MD

Dr. Cheng Ruan, MD

Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, MD

Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, MD

Dr. Cindy Howard

Dr. Cindy Howard, DC

Dr. Lara Zakaria, PharmD, CNS, IFMCP

Dr. Lara Zakaria, PharmD, CNS, IFMCP

Dr. Robert G. Silverman

Dr. Robert G. Silverman, DC

Dr. Mark Trager, MD

Dr. Mark Trager, MD

Brigitte Sager, NP

Brigitte Sager, NP

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