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Restorative Formulations

Restorative Formulations set the standard for supplement purity and potency with 95% of their botanicals and botanical extracts being certified organic.
Restorative formulations products

Restorative Formulations is proactive in its commitment to the environment by using biodegradable materials and practicing sustainable supplement ingredient sourcing. The company also pledges 100% carbon offset for manufacturing and shipping.

Check out some of the most prescribed Restorative Formulations products below.

Thyroid Px product
Thyroid Px
This formula is the most potent support Restorative Formulations offers for healthy thyroid function. It provides the thyroid with the required nutrition and substrates.*
ADR Px Balance product
ADR Px Balance Capsules
Our Adrenal Px Balance products provide highly concentrated adaptogenic herbal support for adrenal function. This formula was specifically designed to reduce occasional fatigue, increase resistance to stress, and help maintain healthy cortisol levels during stressful life events.*
T Balance Px product
T-Balance Px
T-Cell Balance Px combines a unique assortment of natural compounds created to stabilize the immune system and support healthy liver function.*

This brand is only available to practitioners using Fullscript in Canada.

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