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Sisu has been crafting nutritional supplements for Canadians for over 40 years, using carefully selected, natural-sourced ingredients, with guaranteed consistency, purity, and potency.
SISU products

Sisu is a pioneering Canadian health and supplement brand with a strong brand heritage and cutting-edge branded ingredients with standards that exceed Canadian regulatory requirements.

Check out some of the most prescribed SISU products below.

SISU Co Q10 100mg
Co Q10 100mg
Using a pure, cold-pressed olive oil base for improved absorption, Sisu Ubiquinol QH delivers the active form of CoQ10 to promote increased energy and heart strength.
SISU Ester-C® 1000 mg
Ester-C® 1000 mg
This high-potency vitamin C is enhanced with vitamin C-rich acerola cherry extract and citrus fruits as well as bioflavonoids and rutin for superior immune system support in fewer doses.
SISU B Calm with Rhodiola
B Calm with Rhodiola
This full-spectrum B vitamin complex enhanced with rhodiola supports overall health, particularly in people experiencing physical or mental stress.

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