Watch Fullscript come to life in the OptiMantra platform

Key features

Customized electronic charting
Integrated diagnostics and labs
POS system and integrated payments
Inventory management
Insurance billing
Scheduling and appointment management
HIPAA compliant patient portal and messaging

How to integrate your Fullscript and OptiMantra platforms:

First, make sure you have both a OptiMantra and Fullscript account.

Sign up for Fullscript — it’s free.

Create a Fullscript account

Get started with OptiMantra.

Create an OptiMantra account

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Integration guide

integrations partner screenshot of Fullscript integration in the Patient list’s “Actions” menu

1. Login into your OptiMantra account.

Go to your Patient list, click on the menu icon under Actions of any patient record to load up the menu, and then click on Fullscript.

Sign in or sign up to Fullscript and click “Authorize Application”.
integrations partner screenshot of user accounts list in the Patient list’s “Actions” menu

2. Select your user account

Go back to the Fullscript settings (by click on the menu icon under Actions of any patient record to load up the menu and then click on Fullscript) and use the drop-down to select your user account.

illustration of man sitting at desk and working on desktop computer

In-depth reading about the integration

Learn more about the features, benefits, and frequently asked questions related to the Fullscript and OptiMantra integration.

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