If you’re looking for a staid school where you memorize facts and figures and focus on theory, the School of Applied Functional Medicine™ is not for you. (Don’t worry, there are many good schools out there, and one will be perfect for you.)

We’re looking for students who are deeply passionate about making a difference. Students who know there’s a better way and want to be on the front lines of transforming health care. We attract and work with professionals who are compelled from deep within to go beyond the minimum. They feel drawn to a life of “more.”

The School of Applied Functional Medicine™ (SAFM) began humbly in 2009 because Tracy felt restless to make a substantial difference. She taught those first classes right in her own kitchen! In 2011, SAFM was transformed into an online school. Since then, the school has evolved into a distinguished online academy. What energizes Tracy the most is teaching and mentoring practitioners to stretch toward their full potential while catapulting their practices. (Just like she experienced in her practice – and still enjoys today!)


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