How it works

Create a new patient view in Fullscript

Request supplements

Invite patients to share their supplements before an initial or follow-up appointment. They can add or manage products anytime.

supplement data in Fullscript

Collect data

Let patients easily search or scan a product’s barcode with our app to pull from a database of over 80,000 products.

Current supplement view in Fullscript

Analyze ingredients

Take a closer look at the ingredients your patients consume in an easy-to-read summary and write optimal plans with less effort.

Build supplement plans with supplement catalog

Write plans with healthcare’s best supplements

Learn more about the supplements in the Fullscript catalog and our commitment to quality.

“The new ‘Current supplements’ feature has brought my patient engagement to a whole new level…No more toggling between sites or fumbling with a plastic bag full of bottles…I can see a breakdown of supplements, ingredients, and quality with just one click.”

Denise Sweeney, MD, Joined Fullscript in 2023

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