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Download the patient promo checklist

Learn how to open your catalog, promote your dispensary, add protocols, and more with the ultimate guide to reaching more patients.

Download promotional graphics

Promote both your Black Friday Sale (November 24 – 26) and your Cyber Monday Sale (November 27 – 28) on social media with professional graphics for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

When you download the graphics, you’ll notice two different folders labeled Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Use these during the five sale days based on the dates noted above!

Note: For IG Stories, upload the vertical image to Stories and swipe up to include a link sticker — from there you can add your dispensary link for patients to access.

Use this messaging on social media

Use these messages to alert patients before the promo starts.
Use these messages to announce the start of the promo.
Use these messages to help patients save before the promo ends.

Give patients easy access to personal care products

Favorite these bundles for patients to order when they sign in to Fullscript.

Frequently asked questions

When will you communicate with my patients?

We’ll email your patients once before the promo, followed by two emails on the first day, and two more on the second day. If patients place an order, they’ll be removed from our email list and won’t receive communications.

We’re also sending a message that’ll appear on-screen when patients sign in to Fullscript and two push notifications to patients with the Fullscript iOS mobile app (US only).

All communications will happen from November 23-28.

Where do I find my dispensary link?

You can find your dispensary link on the first page when you sign in to your Fullscript account. Look for “Patients can access your dispensary by going to:” in the bottom tile. Copy and paste the dispensary link into your promotional communications.

What discount will I be providing?

You can choose the additional savings you offer patients in increments of 5%. This would stack on top of the store and individual discounts, with a maximum discount total of 35% in the US and 25% in Canada.

For example, if you currently offer a 10% discount and you opt in to the promotion with an additional 10% discount, your patients will receive a total of 20% off during the promotion.

Can I adjust my dispensary discount or individual discounts during the promo?

No, you won’t be able to adjust your dispensary discount or edit discounts for patients in bulk until after the sale ends.

While you’ll still be able to adjust individual discounts in each patient’s profile, this can cause discrepancies between the discount your patient receives and the discount advertised, so we recommend against it.

Can I publicly advertise the discount amount?

According to our Acceptable Use Policy, you’re not able to advertise discounts on public channels.

Find more help in the Fullscript Support Center

Self-serve from our support articles or talk to our Customer Success Team.