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2 capsules two times daily. Consult a health care practitioner for use beyond 6 weeks

Cognitive Benefits: Cogniplex contains a combination of herbs as memory and cognitive enhancers (nootropics), with the ability to increase blood flow to the brain and circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the brain. In addition, enriched neurotransmission and nerve synapsis leads to improved concentration, learning, and memory encoding. (1) 

By improving cognitive function and increased neuroprotective properties, Cogniplex is an effective and natural alternative to assist with cognitive function and to enhance performance in learning and memory capability. (2)

Key Features: Assists in cognitive function(4), increases blood flow to the brain,(3) increases circulation in the brain, (4) enhances memory and learning, (1)(2)(5) age-related cognitive decline, (6) and neuroprotection. (7)


1-2 gel caps once to twice daily. Minimum 3 months

Cognitive Benefits: TocoKrill contains a combination of natural vitamin E Tocotrienols and Omega 3s, DHA, and EPA. It contains a rich source of fat-soluble antioxidant nutrients bound on phospholipids to support cognitive health and provide important neuroprotection. 

Key Features: Fat-soluble antioxidant nutrient, support brain function, cognitive health, and neuroprotection. (8)(9)(10)(11)


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