Pureway-C Plus

2 capsules per day, for a minimum of three months

Pureway-C® is a clinically tested form of Vitamin C shown to outperform other leading forms of vitamin C by offering better immune protection, better free radical scavenging, and better antioxidant support. Pureway-C® combines ascorbic acid with several types of lipid metabolites (fats derived from vegetable sources) and bioflavonoids (antioxidants) to enhance bioavailability. Lipid metabolites function as carriers of the ascorbic acid to increase intestinal absorption, allowing vitamin C to enter the cells quickly for enhanced cellular uptake. Bioflavonoids greatly contribute to the antioxidant capability of Pureway-C® as well as enhanced absorption in the intestinal tract. Quercetin (as Quercefit®) is also included and is a clinically tested bioflavonoid that is complimentary to Vitamin C and uses phytosome technology to enhance absorption to further promote immune function, heart health, and skin health!*

Alaskan Cod Liver Oil

3 softgels or 1 teaspoon, for a minimum of three months

Jigsaw Alaskan Cod Liver Oil™ from sustainably sourced, line-caught, MSC® certified codfish in Dutch Harbor, Alaska provides important omega-3 fatty acids, pro-resolving mediators (PRMs), and naturally occurring Vitamins A and D to promote optimal hormone balance as well as supporting immune, brain, eye, and circulatory health.*

Essential Blend Probiotics

1 capsule daily, for a minimum of three months

Each capsule of Jigsaw Health’s Essential Blend Probiotics is guaranteed to have a minimum of 25 billion friendly, helpful, active bacteria at expiry. This proprietary formula is backed by extensive research and utilizes five of the most effective human strains, including the proven L. acidophilus La-14. An innovative Designed Release Capsule (D.R. Cap) is used to delay the break down for 45 minutes after ingestion which allows the capsules to safely travel through the stomach fluid and into the gut where they are needed.*


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