Natura active lifestyle formulas enhance physical performance, increase muscular strength and stamina, enhance energy levels, and accelerate recovery after physical exertion.*


3 capsules, two times daily 

Supports the body’s natural ability to synthesize protein, sustain energy (builds ATP), and optimize recovery time after strenuous exercise by providing the material building blocks essential for supporting healthy anabolic activity.*

Beyond Whey®

10-30 grams (1-3 scoops) per day

Promotes muscle strength, endurance and recovery after exercise or stress. Features Proserum®, a premium non-denatured whey protein concentrates, with advanced forms of glutamine, colostrum, and creatine to optimize muscle-building effects of this unique whey protein.*


2 capsules, two to three times daily. Take on an empty stomach.

Supports muscle tissue maintenance in the aging population, encourages skeletal health, and optimizes recovery time from prolonged stress or strenuous exercise.*

JTL Mobility®

3 capsules, one to two times daily. Take with or without food.

Supports healthy joint function, mobility, and comfort. Encourages cartilage synthesis and joint integrity. Modulates healthy inflammatory response.*

Night Gain®

4 capsules daily. Best taken before bed, with or without food.

Supports healthy production of testosterone, dopamine, and growth hormone to promote youthful vigor. Encourages lean muscle strength and optimal cardiovascular function.*

Power Adapt®

1 teaspoon (5 mL) or 5 capsules, one to two times daily. Take with or without food.

Maximizes energy, builds strength and stamina, and improves physical performance. Optimizes recovery time after strenuous exercise.


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