Natura’s Longevity formulas provide antioxidant activity, enhance production of youthful hormones, encourage healthy cognitive function, and optimize energy, which can help slow the aging process, reverse premature aging, and improve your quality of life for years to come.*


2 capsules, two to three times daily. Take on an empty stomach.

Supports muscle tissue maintenance in the aging population, encourages skeletal health, and optimizes recovery time from prolonged stress or strenuous exercise.*

Botanical Treasures®

2 capsules, two to three times daily. Take with food, especially fats. 

Provides antioxidant activity, promotes proper cell behavior, modulates inflammatory response.*


1 softgels, two times daily. Take with or without food.

Enhances mitochondrial function, regulates gene behavior, assists in the control of free radicals.*

Night Gain®

4 capsules daily. Best taken before bed, with or without food.

Supports healthy production of testosterone, dopamine, and growth hormone to promote youthful vigor. Encourages lean muscle strength, a healthy libido, and optimal circulatory system function.*

Power Adapt®

1 teaspoon (5 mL) or 5 capsules, one to two times daily. Take with or without food.

Maximizes energy, builds strength and stamina, and improves physical performance. Optimizes recovery time after strenuous exercise.

Vibrant Mind®

3 capsules daily. Take on an empty stomach.

Enhances memory recall and concentration, promotes healthy cognitive function.*


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