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Take 1 capsule, two times per day

A proprietary herbal blend that helps to relieve the symptoms associated with menopause (e.g., hot flashes, night sweats, paresthesia, insomnia, nervousness, melancholia, vertigo, fatigue, rheumatic pain, and vaginal dryness) in pre-, peri- and post-menopausal women without estrogenic effect.

Contains EstroG-100®, a phytonutrient blend of 3 botanicals including Angelica gigas, shown to relieve the full-spectrum of menopausal symptoms starting in as little as 7 days. Black cohosh is more familiar in western herbal medicine and well-studied in modern research. Sage rounds out the formula with a traditional North American medicinal plant with a long history of use in alleviating menopausal symptoms.

MenoEase Product Sheet 

Evening Primrose Oil

1000 mg: take 1 capsule, three times per day

500 mg: take 2 capsules, two to four times per day

High potency source of omega 6 essential fatty acids, including GLA, which is not commonly found in the diet. Traditionally used in hormonal conditions such as PMS and skin conditions like atopic dermatitis.

Standardized to contain 9% gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), and 73% linoleic acid. Available in high-potency 1000 mg or easy-to-swallow 500 mg capsules.

Evening Primrose Oil Product Sheet

Full Spectrum Omega

Take 3 capsules per day

Wild salmon oil in the triglyceride form providing EPA and DHA to help support cognitive function and cardiovascular health. The non-concentrated oil is easier to digest and less likely to cause burping than other fish oil supplements.

Sustainably-caught, wild Alaskan salmon, providing 17 naturally-occurring fatty acids, enhanced with vitamin D and astaxanthin, and preserved with a unique base that includes clary sage essential oil, plus rosemary and thyme extracts.

Full Spectrum Omega Product Sheet


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